For over 10 years, I have been offering support to experts and companies in brand building, conducting activities on the basis of a consistent communication strategy. I introduce new products/ services to the market, take care of the communication of thematic conferences and liaise experts and journalists, guaranteeing their visibility in the media (interviews, expert comments). For over 6 years, I have been managing my boutique communications agency called DSpectrum. I have invited outstanding experts in the area of communication, on-line marketing, web design and photography to take part in the agency’s operation.

I share my knowledge and experience during workshops (“Effective Relations With the Media”, “Public Speeches as an Element of Personal Brand Building”) and conferences (“Consistent Communication: The Key to Long-Term Success”). I also support companies as a coach, adviser, motivational speaker and MC.

I am the author of the blog, where I inspire people to live in harmony with themselves, their talents and desires, both in the realm of professional and private life.

I do everything in accordance with the values in which I believe.