People are most important in life: they help us understand ourselves better, they show us the undiscovered parts of the world and convince us that nothing is impossible. They give us the courage to reach for our dreams and share the lessons that they have learnt on their road to success. They can share their spark of inspiration with us; this often becomes the beginning of a new path, the start of grand actions.

I am looking for persons and places where I can meet them and I share their stories on my blog, in the fully inspiring on-line space called

The blog features an interview with Katarzyna Selwant, an Olympic psychologist, the author of a best-selling book entitled “Siłownia umysłu”, Marta Frej, a graphic artist who comments on current affairs with the use of images, and Magdalena Grabowska-Wacławek, better known as the singer Bovska.

The blog offers patronage for the books of Marta Bębenek “Polka potrafi”, “Eventworking” by Artur Sójka and Bernard Fruga, as well as Fairs of Natural Cosmetics, Ekocuda.

On my blog, I offer inspiration for living in harmony with oneself, one’s needs and desires.

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